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YU-GI-King duel Game

Enter Game and Draw Your Next Rare Monster Card

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What is Yu-Gi-King?

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In this chaotic world where the evil guys are dominating, YU-GI-KING decided to take on the status quo! This time YUGI is fighting for his own glory to become the best player in YU-GI-KING. YUGI is also fighting to beat the evils in the society who dominated all the resources or deprived others right and happiness

YU-GI-KING is more than just a game. Your monster partner can help 10x ,100x your wealth and help you beat the capitalism in the life game!

Details about YU-GI-KING


Check out YU-GI-KING DOC!


Collectable Monster Card Art 

All YU-GI-KING monster cards are artist created NFT collectables that have immense power to unlock the DUEL world. You can collect and trade the rare monster cards on our YU-GI-KING card marketplace.

Let's draw your next rare monster!

Duel to earn

Earn $YUGI Token by defeating other in-game characters. By growing your monster with EXP or pairing up with a rarer monster card, you can exponentially increase winning reward for each duelling round.
Increase your earning by start dueling today!


What is the use of $YUGI Token 

$YUGI Tokens are essential part of the
YU-GI-KING Game ecosystem. 

You can draw your first monster card with $YUGI, you will also be rewarded with $YUGI token when you Win a fight!

Much more utility of $YUGI Token will be announced soon!

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GAME Play Introduction 

Collect all the 6 stars monsters

Draw the rarest YU-GI-KING Monster cards to defeat your enemies, or simply flip them on our YU-GI-KING marketplace to earn.

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More Detail Available Soon
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2021 © YU-GI-KING TEAM 2021  - All Rights Reserved

We are not affiliated with or linked to KONAMI. 

All Graphics and Icons used in YU-GI-KING created by or from fan art by YU-GI-KING TEAM artist.

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